We take pride in the services we provide and stand behind the commitments we make.

Pre-Construction Services

Ian Thomas Group integrates our Project Team and the Design Team early on in the construction process. Providing technical support and project feedback to help eliminate preventable costs and delays. With a continual focus on value, quality, timeliness and savings, our Pre Construction services provide an efficient, constructable project


Providing Single-Source Design and Construction Services, Design/Build project delivery encompasses architecture, engineering, and construction, combining them into a single, convenient resource and focus of responsibility. Partnering with a selectively chosen Architect and other licensed team members, the two are contracted as a single-source team to complete both design and construction services to meet the Owner’s specified needs.


We provide full D/B/B services. Characterized by a linear process with tasks following the completion of another with virtually no overlap. We work with the designers to ensure the project plans and specifications are based on the program or client’s needs. With extensive experience in the bidding process, we solicit the stronges bids to help manage cost expectations.

Construction Administration

With an abundance of activity occuring during this phase, Ian Thomas Group represents the client and provides overall project direction and leadership.

– Job Meeting Documentation
– Construction Observation
– Site Visits
– Change Order Review
– Budget Tracking
– Schedule Maintenance
– Punchlist Management
– Team Building
– Project Leadership

Construction Management

Our construction management team helps facilitate planning, coordination and control of a project from inception to completion. Providing risk management, managerial expertise where required, controlling budgets, initiating cost savings ideas, mitigating risks, and ensuring communication. We provide experience and invaluable input on design and construction issues.

General Construction

When we undertake a project, our goal is to make the process as smooth and seamless as possible. Ian Thomas Group focuses on cost and schedule management to meet deadlines and project goals. We pride ourselves in our ability to minimize interruptions during construction and place as much effort into managing the process as we put into perfecting the product.